Ha paglunsul-lunsul ku
Naglangan susa-atay 
Bang ta kaw katumtuman 
Mapasandung in limabay.

In kasi ku kaymu
Tuhan in taghinduan
In jantung ku magiling
Bang kaw ri’ katandawan.

Bud Tumantangis ku
Pagun kaw pakusuga
Tausug anak-apu’ mu
Ihilas dugu’-nywa.

Ha tanda’ sin paglasa
Hijanji’ ku hisapa
Di’ ta kaw pasusahun
Ha pagbawgbug bangsa.

Bud Tumantangis ku
Mahugut in pangatay
Misan hi siyu atu
Tindugan da ha pantay.

Bang kadal ku mabut na
Ha pasal mu tagama
Misan ha lupa’ punud
Di’ matay in paglasa.

English meaning paraphrased (Bud tumantangis):

In my aimless perambulating
To lull the heart in pain and grieving
As your image forms in my mind
The past is relived in nostalgic conjuring.

My love for you is divinely taught
Perchance why my heart becomes tottered to the root
When even short glimmers of you
Come in instants so rarely brought.

My Bud Tumantangis
Hold firm, be steadfastly strong
Tausugs your seeds eagerly waiting in vibrant throng
Their blood and soul to offer you
Whether you are right or you are wrong.

In the name of love I swear I vow
Ne’er shall I make you grieve from here and now
We are here for you hearts aboiling
If it’s to uphold the Bangsa and thou.

My Bud Tumantangis
Your heart solid resolute and stout
Oppressors from within, as those from without
In the battlefield you relish confronting, 
Everyone of them, in a flesh-shredding bout.

If my life’s term expires because of you
Don’t anguish, for I’m always cleansed ready to go
In the graveyard I assure my love for you persists
And I’d have offered my life again if I had two.


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